3M China Subsidiary Pays $6.5M SEC Settlement

3M China Subsidiary Pays $6.5M SEC Settlement

In a recent report, 3M Company has agreed to pay over $6.5 million in fines in a settlement with the SEC following claims of breaking the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The alleged illegal actions of a 3M subsidiary in China were central to these claims.

Tourism Lures: A Tactic to Boost Sales

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), 3 M’s Chinese arm had a peculiar method to bolster sales. The subsidiary provided overseas travel opportunities to Chinese government officials. 

Significantly, these weren’t just any trips but also encompassed guided tours, leisurely shopping visits, and sightseeing at local attractions. Moreover, these luxury trips were often veiled under the guise of attending international conferences or educational events.

However, the nature of these trips raises eyebrows since many tourism activities were scheduled concurrently with the so-called ‘official’ events. Consequently, these government officials, intended attendees of these events, either missed them entirely or only partially participated. 

Additionally, some events in English needed more appropriate translation services, leaving some attendees in the dark. These omissions and the luxurious itinerary designs point fingers at these trips being more about pleasure than business.

3 M’s Measures and SEC’s Verdict

After discovering discrepancies in 2018, 3M reported to the U.S. authorities and cooperated wholeheartedly during the investigation. Besides rectifying the ethical lapse by taking action against the involved parties, the company has upgraded its internal controls to prevent future recurrences.

In response to the findings, the Chief of the SEC’s FCPA Unit, Charles Cain, stated, “This matter highlights the dangers to companies with global operations posed by inadequate internal accounting controls.” Indeed, robust checks and balances are paramount in the era of globalization.

Hence, while 3M has neither confirmed nor denied the SEC’s findings, they’ve agreed to the financial settlement. This settlement includes the return of ill-gotten gains and a civil penalty. Additionally, the company promises to abstain from future violations.

While the monetary settlement is significant, the broader implication for multinationals is the vital need for rigorous internal checks and ethical operations worldwide.

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