AI Models are expected to be turned over for testing per British PM

AI Models are expected to be turned over for testing per British PM

Based on an agreement reached between like-minded governments and Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies over new AI models, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that AI firms are expected to submit their models for testing before they go public.

AI Summit Focuses on Safety

As the first-ever two-day AI Safety Summit which was held in the United Kingdom drew to a close, Sunak who hosted the meeting, disclosed the “landmark agreement” between the like-minded government and the AI firms, dubbed the Bletchley Park Communique. 

Noteworthy, the deal is focused on mitigating the risks associated with AI models and similar technologies as it would assess potentially harmful capabilities. 

Per a statement from the British Prime Minister, these companies will no longer be allowed to “mark their own homework”. 

“There’s been more practical concerted action to improve AI safety than at any time previously to today,” Sunak added. “And that’s being done on the most international basis we’ve ever seen, the first-ever bringing together of leading AI nations, civil society, academic experts, and the developers of the technology themselves in the same place, agreeing to the same set of principles and crucially to the independent external evaluation models before they are deployed.”

The rule, if implemented on a wide scale will not only impact firms already making headway in the AI scene but also those planning to make their entry.

China Left Out of AI Models Testing Discussion

The discussion involved representatives from the United States, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Canada and Australia. China’s representatives were not involved in the second day of the summit, therefore, they did not sign up for the safety testing collaboration. 

The absence of China from day 2 of the summit and the discussion on AI models raised some questions. Sunak, however, explained that it was only right for China to have been part of some selected sessions of the summit. For context, he mentioned Britain’s policy to engage China only where necessary while also mitigating exposure to risks.

Tesla boss Elon Musk was also an attendant at the summit. While his presence signaled a great opportunity for various leaders in the AI field, it also sparked speculations about potential future ventures especially as it concerns AI models.

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