Bear Trap Sets Stage for 20% Price Surge

Bear Trap Sets Stage for 20% Price Surge

The Pepe price failure to sustain a $0.00000078 support breakdown hints at a significant upswing ahead

Published 10 mins ago

For over a week, the Pepe coin has traded with a narrow range created from the price extreme of the August 25th candle. As per this daily candle, a high of $0.00000095 and a low of $0.00000078 stand as strong resistance and support for coin traders. With the recent downturn in the crypto market, the PEPE sellers showed a breakdown attempt from the pattern’s support trendline as a signal to continue the downward projection.

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Fake Breakdown Scenario Hints at a Potential Upswing

  • The Pepe coin is trapped in a sideways trend stretched from $0.00000095 and $0.00000078 horizontal levels.
  • A bearish breakdown from $0.00000078 puts PEPE at 15% downside risk
  • The 24-hour trading volume in the Pepe coin is $77 Million, indicating a 10.9% gain.

PEPE PriceSource- Trading

On September 1st, the falling Pepe coin price gave a massive breakdown from the range support of 0.00000078 with a significant red candle. Losing this support signals the replenished bearish momentum and sellers’ motive to continue to the prior downtrend.

However, today the PEPE price showed a gap up in the daily chart and entered the range levels. The seller’s failure to offer a suitable follow-up to the bearish breakdown reflects some weakness in their conviction.

If by the day’s end, the frog-themed meme closed above 0.00000078, the prior breakdown would be a bear trap, which may in response bolster the crypto buyers.

Will PEPE Price Regain the $0.0000009 mark?

In technical analysis, a bear trap is formed when the asset price gives a false indication of potential downward movement, but immediately reverts the price higher to trap heist sellers. Therefore, the PEPE price false breakdown from $0.00000078 will flip the price as viable support to surge the memecoin to $0.00000095

  • Relative Strength Index: The daily RSI slope close to the oversold region reflects the increasing potential of a bullish reversal.
  • Exponential Moving Average: The downsloping 20-day EMA would offer additional resistance against bullish bounces.

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