Cardano (ADA) Products Welcome New Comprehensive Updates

Cardano (ADA) Products Welcome New Comprehensive Updates

This week’s Cardano (ADA) development update has been published and it detailed some of the significant upgrades and improvements that were introduced on various protocols in the ecosystem. 

Lace Wallet Sees New Integrations

According to the published report, the team behind the browser-based wallet Lace has moved forward with the integration of Metadex, the filtering of user-owned trading tokens, and some bug fixes. In addition to this, the team also made some effort toward testing native token minting as well as the creation of custom liquidity pools for decentralized exchanges. 

The Lace team designed an end-to-end test for swapping native tokens and conducted some load/performance testing. 

Issues with the hardware wallet transactions with the DApp connector were fixed. They worked on finalizing the collateral in a round-trip action as they had already started the process a few weeks back. Also, the team extended CIP-30 to clear a path for enabling additional extensions and added more automation tests for Lace. 

Last month, some of the key updates on the Lace Wallet were around improving the serialization library in the cardano-js-sdk, updating the UI for network switching within the wallet and enhancing collateral settings. Most of these upgrades are necessary to ensure that users are safe and are not exposed to potential risks.

More Updates on Mithril and Hydra Head

The Hydra team, on the other hand, had several meetings including the monthly review meeting for August. Here, the project was evaluated and its progress was highlighted with feedback. 

The goal of this monthly meeting is to ensure that communication is as transparent as it should be all the time. To promote community engagement and educate community members, a masterclass was held by the Hydra team at the RareEvo workshop.

Before now, the team launched version 0.12.0 of the Layer-2 scaling solution and per a statement from Cardano developer Sebastian Nagel, this version is well-compatible with the Cardano Node version 8.1.2 and the Mithril protocol. Currently, the Hydra demo and the tutorial have been updated to include Mithril and the latest release changes. 

Meanwhile, the Mithril team attended to the implementation of the second phase of the stress test tool which is usually used for benchmarking aggregators. The team also worked on boosting the verification of the produced snapshot archives amongst several other updates.

These comprehensive updates were targeted at boosting the performance and functionality of the Cardano blockchain as a whole.

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