Elon Voices Concerns on OpenAI’s Shift to Profit-Seeking Model

Elon Voices Concerns on OpenAI’s Shift to Profit-Seeking Model

Elon Musk has recently expressed concerns about the direction of artificial intelligence (AI) at the All-In Summit. Significantly, he emphasized that digital superintelligence might be the most potent technology humanity has ever developed. 

Consequently, Musk sees risks in letting this power concentrate in the hands of a few corporations.

“In the case of OpenAI, or even Google with its subsidiary DeepMind, it should not become a unipolar world where only a few have control,” Musk pointed out.

Transformation of OpenAI and Microsoft’s Role

Moreover, Musk criticized OpenAI’s transition from an open-source, nonprofit entity to a more closed, profit-seeking organization. In addition, OpenAI, designed initially to democratize AI, is now primarily running on Microsoft’s Azure. 

Consequently, Microsoft potentially has unprecedented access to OpenAI’s source code and data, including future versions.

“I don’t think OpenAI realizes the extent of control Microsoft could wield,” Musk warned.

Musk, also a proponent of open-source technologies, showed concern about OpenAI’s shift in direction. Additionally, he cast doubt on Microsoft’s track record of moral decision-making, stating, “I can’t say Microsoft has an amazing track record in this regard.”

XAI and Tesla as Contenders in the AI Landscape

On a more positive note, Musk talked about his plans with Tesla and XAI, his new venture. “Tesla is one of the world’s leading AI companies,” he said, claiming it has the best real-world AI, particularly in self-driving technology. 

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature is already making strides, with Musk suggesting that it may be safer than human driving soon. He seemed open but noncommittal when asked if he would consider open-sourcing Tesla’s Dojo or FSD technologies.

Hence, Musk hopes to make Tesla and XAI strong contenders in the AI arena. He believes a decentralized approach to AI development is crucial for humanity’s future. Besides, he assures that Tesla has a good governance structure without super-voting rights, safeguarding against any potential erratic decisions from his end.

Furthermore, Elon Musk warns of the risks associated with the monopolization of AI technologies. He calls for a more balanced distribution of power and resources in AI to avoid undue influence by a few significant players. However, he remains optimistic about the future of AI through ventures like Tesla and XAI, positioning them as viable alternatives to current AI leaders.

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