Grayscale Files Second Ethereum Futures ETF

Grayscale Files Second Ethereum Futures ETF

In a new development, Grayscale Investments has submitted a fresh application to create an Ethereum Futures Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). This marks the company’s second attempt to gain approval for such an ETF, and it comes with distinct regulatory strategies aimed at increasing the likelihood of success.

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This strategic move aligns the application with the regulatory framework typically used for reporting commodities and Bitcoin ETFs. What’s intriguing is that five other companies have also opted for this regulatory path for their Ethereum Futures ETF applications. The motivation behind this dual-application strategy remains somewhat mysterious, but one interpretation is that it aims to bolster the chances of approval.

Recent developments indicate that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is actively reviewing these applications, with approvals potentially coming as early as October. Grayscale’s application is just one among six that the SEC is currently evaluating.

Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF Progress. A Game Changer?

Grayscale’s recent legal victory against the SEC adds an interesting layer to the unfolding story. Following the denial of their application to convert the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into a Bitcoin spot ETF in June 2022, Grayscale didn’t back down. In August 2023, a court ruled that the SEC should reevaluate Grayscale’s application, emphasizing the need for a more reasoned decision-making process, a decision which did not sit well with Grayscale execs. This turn of events may well play a pivotal role in the company’s pursuit of an Ethereum Futures ETF.

Elliott Z. Stein, a senior litigation analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, offers an optimistic view of Grayscale’s prospects. He believes that Grayscale has a 70% chance of prevailing in its ongoing lawsuit against the SEC. Stein expects the SEC to feel compelled to approve Grayscale’s ETF request before the court delivers its decision in August 2023. This is particularly significant as it coincides with the pending decision on Ark Investment Management’s ETF. 

SEC Scrutiny: A Growing Challenge for Cryptocurrency ETFs

While Grayscale’s actions and the SEC’s responses are under the spotlight, it’s crucial to recognize the increasing scrutiny that cryptocurrency ETF applications are facing. The SEC’s concerns about compliance with the law, especially regarding the fragmented and unregulated nature of Bitcoin spot markets, are central to these debates. This highlights the considerable hurdles cryptocurrency ETF applicants must overcome to meet regulatory standards.

As Grayscale continues to navigate this intricate regulatory landscape and presses forward with its Ethereum Futures ETF application, the cryptocurrency community remains closely tuned to these developments. The potential approval of an Ethereum Futures ETF could mark a significant milestone, paving the way for broader and more accessible investment opportunities in Ethereum futures, ultimately reshaping the cryptocurrency investment landscape. Bitwise, Roundhill, ProShares Short, and VanEck are others seeking Ethereum ETF approvals.

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