New UK Bill to Intensify Crackdown on Illicit Crypto

New UK Bill to Intensify Crackdown on Illicit Crypto

Today, UK lawmakers approved the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill, targeting a spectrum of illegal acts such as drug trafficking, cybercrime, and terrorism. This legislation marks significant progress in the fight against digital financial crimes, focusing particularly on illicit cryptocurrency assets. With this bill, authorities will have enhanced power to act quickly where strong evidence exists, bypassing the need for prior convictions to seize digital assets involved in criminal activities.

Additionally, the new measures will expedite the freezing of cryptocurrency assets linked to crime. These assets can only be confiscated after an arrest and conviction, limiting law enforcement’s prompt intervention. However, the updated legislation will change the landscape, enabling faster, more substantial seizures of crypto and disrupting criminal financial networks.

UK Bill Demands Business Identity Verification

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill also introduces reforms to ensure business legitimacy. Individuals registering UK companies must verify their identity, preventing companies from serving as criminal fronts or havens for corrupt foreign officials. This move safeguards legitimate enterprises and enhances the UK’s business environment reputation.

Moreover, the government emphasized last year that the bill aims to encourage thriving legitimate businesses, driving illicit financial activities out of the country. This approach signifies the government’s dedication to maintaining economic integrity while offering a secure business platform.

Government Outlines 2023-2026 Crypto Strategy Plans

In line with these changes, the government’s economic crime strategy for 2023-2026 includes stringent cryptocurrency regulations. When unveiling this strategy, officials disclosed plans to implement the Financial Action Task Force’s Travel Rule. This rule applies to virtual asset service providers and financial institutions handling digital asset transactions, fortifying defenses against money laundering and terrorist financing.

The government’s commitment reflects an understanding that effective, fair crypto regulation benefits all parties, including consumers and businesses. This balanced regulation will combat fraud and other financial crimes in the burgeoning crypto industry.

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