OpenAI Detects Abnormal Traffic, Suggest Hackers Behind ChatGPT Outage

OpenAI Detects Abnormal Traffic, Suggest Hackers Behind ChatGPT Outage

After the major outage of ChatGPT, OpenAI suggested cyberattacks by hackers as a potential cause behind the outage.

According to a report, OpenAI spoke about the ChatGPT outage issue. In the latest update, the OpenAI startup said, the periodic outages are due to an abnormal traffic pattern reflective of a DDoS attack. They are working to mitigate it and are expected to resolve the cyberattack issue of the ChatGPT outage soon.

ChatGPT Massive Outage & Restoration

On November 8 morning, ChatGPT was reportedly down for subscribed and free users. In their update, OpenAI confirmed the issue with Chatbot ChatGPT and API, impacting services globally.

However, within a few hours, the matter was resolved and the normalcy of ChatGPT functioning was restored.

Furthermore, the OpenAI team confirmed that they were aware of the issue and started an investigation into the glitch, leading to the persistent outage which resulted and causing the major temporary shutdown.

Notably, this is the first major outage reported by ChatGPT, which coincidently happened after OpenAI’s first in-person event. During the event held on November 6, OpenAI announced a new subscriber-created ChatGPT Chatbots.

GPT-4 Turbo, a new transformative feature of the ChatGPT platform will empower subscribers to create bespoke GPT models.

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OpenAI Believes Hackers Are Behind ChatGPT Outage

In an official statement on their page, OpenAI startup backed by Microsoft said, they discovered abnormal traffic, which indicates that hackers are trying to swamp its services, leading to the outage.

As per the company, they spotted signs of a DDoS attack, where external perpetrators try to overload a platform by repeatedly pinging it.

Although they have resolved the issue and ChatGPT is functioning normally, the OpenAI team will go deep into the hacking matter and investigate the matter ensuring no such instances in the future.

ChatGPT kickstarted its AI services under the startup OpenAI, aiming for a stronghold in the AI world, and is enjoying over 180 million users.  However, there is constant competition in the market with more startups making efforts to venture into the AI sector. With the recent launch of Elon Musk’s xAI startup-backed chatbot Grok, there is neck-to-neck competition to stand strong in the AI-dominant business and technology market.

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