Xahau Sidechain on XRPL welcomes its first API service provider

Xahau Sidechain on XRPL welcomes its first API service provider

XRP Ledger’s (XRPL) Xahau Sidechain has welcomed its first API service provider XRPScan.

XRPScan to Integrate on Xahau Sidechain

The latter announced the exciting news on the X app today, stating that it was joining other talented independent developers on the Xahau Layer-2 Dev Table. These protocols all plan to participate in the Xahau Network Governance Game as an L2 coalition. 

Sometimes in August, XRPL Labs announced the Xahau Ledger by introducing a whitepaper for the protocol. Markedly, Xahau is a smart contract sidechain for the XRP Ledger ecosystem. The announcement triggered excitement amongst members of the XRP community because the Xahau Sidechain comes with multiple features that can notably bolster the utility of future DApps for the XRPL ecosystem. 

In addition to these features, it could also enhance the adoption of XRP. Ultimately, the integration of Xahau Sidechain indirectly brings the XRPL closer to retail adoption. XRPL Labs founder WietseWind talked about how the XRP Ledger-powered smart contracts functionality will support the building of several things with everyday life utility.

The developer also commented on the publishing of the Xahau whitepaper in conjunction with GateHub, Alloy Networks, EvernodeXRPL, and a few others. With XRPScan as one of its API and Explorer, Xahau Sidechain can achieve its visions as laid out in its Whitepaper.

“We will continue to build for the entire XRP Ledger ecosystem, and everything we build will be open for the entire ecosystem to benefit from. We believe a multi-chain XRP Ledger Protocol ecosystem can bring both the proven resilience of XRPL Mainnet & the endless new possibilities of Hooks,” WietseWind posted on X recently.

XRPL Sidechain Completes Security Audit

Amidst its integration and adoption, XRPL’s Xahau completed the comprehensive audit of its codebase dubbed Xahaud earlier this week. 

One of Xahau’s initial Governance Game Validator Seats and Security partners known as FYEO conducted the audit on the sidechain. The audit was focused on three objectives which involved assessing the security exposure of Xahau Sidechain and its internal risks. 

By the end of the audit, only 1 security risk with a High severity rating was discovered by the team. On the other hand, 4 security risks with Medium severity ratings and 2 findings with Low severity ratings were also discovered.

Also, the FYEO team offered professional opinions on how mature and adequate the current security measures are. 

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