BitBoy Ben Armstrong Arrested Live in Lamborghini Dispute

BitBoy Ben Armstrong Arrested Live in Lamborghini Dispute

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, widely recognized as “BitBoy,” has found himself in handcuffs while broadcasting live outside the residence of Carlos Diaz, his former business associate. The ordeal began when Armstrong announced on social media that he would ” go live soon from an exceptional location.”

Ben’s Face-off Spirals Out of Control

Armstrong’s confrontation with Diaz rapidly escalated, with the crypto influencer alleging that Diaz had ties to the Houston mafia and had intentions of causing him harm. “I’m not scared of you, Carlos,” Armstrong audibly declared during the livestream. However, the situation took a significant turn when local authorities intervened. 

About 19 minutes into the broadcast, police officers approached Armstrong, inquiring if he was armed. Denying any weapons on his person but admitting to one in his vehicle, the stream soon went dark visually, leaving only faint audio of the exchange between Armstrong and the police.

Moreover, as the incident unfolded, it was revealed that Cassie Wolfe, co-founder of BitBoy Crypto and the center of another personal controversy involving Armstrong, was present in the vehicle. Armstrong clarified to the officers,

“Cassie is the girl I had an affair with. My wife knows. We were just in my daughter’s tennis match.”

He explained their collective presence as a response to alleged threats from Diaz and the matter of the “stolen” Lamborghini.

Aftermath and Community Reactions

Following the confrontation, BEN tokens, Armstrong’s crypto venture, experienced a sharp 30% drop in value. The fallout from the livestream didn’t end there. Armstrong’s turbulent relationship with his former partners and exit from the BitBoy Crypto brand, stemming from concerns about substance abuse and financial improprieties, further amplified the incident’s ramifications.

BEN/USD  price chart (source: CoinGecko)

Hence, while some speculate this could be a well-orchestrated publicity stunt, Armstrong’s silence on social media post-arrest suggests otherwise. The crypto community remains on edge, awaiting further updates on one of its most controversial figures.

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