Buenos Aires Introduces Blockchain Digital ID

Buenos Aires Introduces Blockchain Digital ID

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s bustling capital, has announced an innovative step forward in its governmental operations. Starting this October, the city’s vast population of 15 million can access their identity documents through a digital wallet. Initially, residents can retrieve essential credentials such as birth and marriage certificates. Additionally, they can access proof of income and academic verification digitally.

Moreover, the city has plans to integrate health data and payment management in the near future. Significantly, the broader roadmap aims to roll out this blockchain-based solution countrywide by 2023.

QuarkID and zkSync Era Join Forces

The infrastructure of this project is underpinned by QuarkID, a digital identity protocol developed by Web3 firm Extrimian. The QuarkID wallets are bolstered by zkSync Era, an Ethereum scaling protocol utilizing zero-knowledge rollups (ZK-rollups). This technology enables one entity to validate the truth of a statement to another without disclosing any specific information about the statement.

Guillermo Villanueva, CEO of Extrimian, expressed that this development is a monumental step towards a more secure and efficient future for government services in Latin America. The data stored within the wallets will be self-sovereign, allowing citizens to control the delivery of their credentials when dealing with government, businesses, and other individuals.

Argentina Sets Blockchain Gold Standard

According to Diego Fernandez, Buenos Aires’ secretary of innovation, this development cements Buenos Aires’ position as Latin America’s pioneer in this domain. The goal is to make their digital identity framework a public good. He further noted that Buenos Aires is setting the gold standard for other Latin American countries, showing them the benefits blockchain technology can offer their citizens.

However, on a related note, Argentine officials focus on another digital ID initiative, the Worldcoin project. This venture, led by OpenAI’s co-founder Sam Altman, has come under the lens of privacy concerns, particularly its methodology of collecting retinal scans for user verification. Additionally, Worldcoin has faced scrutiny in regions beyond Argentina, with Europe and Africa expressing concerns after its July launch.

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