Cardano Project Catalyst Wraps Up Fund 10

Cardano Project Catalyst Wraps Up Fund 10

Cardano’s Project Catalyst has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering innovation and community-driven development as Fund 10 concluded with remarkable success. This decentralized fundraising initiative, backed by the ADA coin, allows the Cardano community to propose, vote on, and support projects that help the ecosystem thrive.

Key Takeaways from Fund 10

Fund 10 witnessed an impressive number of proposals gaining funding, with 192 projects receiving support from the Cardano community. This substantial funding pool has further solidified Cardano’s reputation as a blockchain platform that actively invests in a diverse array of projects, highlighting its commitment to driving innovation across various sectors.

A total of 50 million ADA was allocated to Fund 10, providing much-needed capital to the selected projects. This financial injection empowers innovators and developers to bring their ideas to life and contribute to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem. 

A significant milestone achieved during Fund 10 was the substantial increase in community participation. Approximately 409,000 votes were cast during this funding round, marking a remarkable 12.48% increase compared to Fund 9. 

This surge in voting participation is a testament to the growing engagement of the Cardano community and its dedication to shaping the platform’s future. With Fund 10 successfully backing 192 proposals, Project Catalyst has now supported more than 1,300 ideas in total. 

This continually expanding repository of projects demonstrates the rich and diverse tapestry of innovation within the Cardano community. It showcases the platform’s commitment to nurturing ideas and providing the necessary resources to bring them to fruition.

Cardano Bags Support from Industry Giants

In a significant development for the crypto market, Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, announced on May 30th that it would be adding Cardano (ADA) and Litecoin (LTC) trading pairs. This move is expected to open up new opportunities for traders and further boost the liquidity on the Binance platform.

Cardano has notably positioned itself as an attractive blockchain protocol through its many upgrades and innovations making their way into its ecosystem. From Hydra Head to Mithril, Cardano has continued to fight for excellence that will now be complemented by the projects being funded in the latest Fund 10 Campaign.

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