Elon Musk Integrates xAI Into X, Will It Outshine ChatGPT?

Elon Musk Integrates xAI Into X, Will It Outshine ChatGPT?

Recently after inaugurating Grok AI, a chatbot rival of ChatGPT, X owner Elon Musk announced to integrate xAI, his startup to X, a social media platform.

According to reports, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, confirmed this and mentioned that it would be integrated into the 𝕏 app while also being offered as a separate standalone app.

The revelation of integrating xAI into X social media platform was in response to a user, who asked whether Musk will be launching a new app for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup.

xAI Startup to be Integrated with X Platform

Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence startup xAI will be integrated into his social media platform X and also be available as a standalone application. 

The announcement was aligned with the recent release of Grok, a chatbot, which is expected to be a competitor of ChatGPT, Bard, and AI chatbots like Bing. In a social media post, Elon Musk called Grok to be a human-like assistant and filled with a sense of humor, unlike other available AI chatbots.

In a post, xAI stated that Grok is created to respond to questions with a touch of humor and a hint of rebellion, so it’s not for those who dislike humor.

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Will Grok AI Outshine ChatGPT?

Powered by xAI, Grok is a chatbot, with unique features of a witty, sense of humor that replies to the users, seeking information and asking questions. What is another major difference between Grok and ChatGPT, is that Grok will provide real-time data.

Elon Musk, who is proud of this new launch said Grok will be a maximum truth-seeking AI and will be a number of times better than the currently existing ChatGPT.

Another massive advantage of Grok is that xAI will power it, and after integration with X social media platform, the xAI-based Grok will have real-time data. The data will be collected from X, which is like a hub of information on various topics, from people across the globe.

Although xAI and X are different, there will be an integration, which is a step towards the aim of Elon Musk, making X’s social media platform an ‘everything app.’

As of now, the Grok feature is available to a bunch of selected users, but soon it will be available for all the premium X users.

It is to be noted, that since the $44 billion deal of Twitter, now named X, Elon Musk took a personal interest in the project and left no stone unturned to make X, an everything app, resulting in the xAI startup. He is working closely with the X team, to make it a financial and social application for users.

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