Elon Musk’s X Faces Legal Heat Over Unpaid Child Safety Fine

Elon Musk’s X Faces Legal Heat Over Unpaid Child Safety Fine

Elon Musk owned X, formerly Twitter failed to pay a fine to Australia’s Internet Safety Watch Dog, for eliminating hate posts and child sexual abuse posts from the platform. In October, Australia’s watchdog slapped a fine of Aus$610,500 on Elon Musk’s X for being unable to outline a plan for the X community against child sexual abuse posts.

According to reports, the eSafety watchdog said X failed to pay the fine despite an extension and now, they will take action against the micro-blogging site and Elon Musk.

X Failed to Pay Fine Despite Extension

In the statement, eSafety commissioner Julie Inman Grant said X was given a notice regarding the fine, imposed for failing to follow the guidelines on posts over child sexual abuse. In addition, the company even failed to respond to the question, that the watchdog sent in February this year.

Furthermore, X had time till October to pay the fine, to which they demanded an extension, which expired on November 10, Friday.  Julie Inman Grant also criticized the evolving X, for being non-attentive to the sensitive issue,  despite extensions and reminders from the eSafety watchdog.

It is to be noted, earlier X said eliminating child sexual exploitation is a top priority of the platform, but they did not take any steps to clean the space for users.  Reacting to this statement, Julie Inman Grant, who is a former employee of X, said the company is all “empty talks.”

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Elon Musk’s X to Face Legal Action?

Now that, Elon Musk has extended the given time and failed to show a tangible action plan to ensure X is a safe platform without any child sexual abuse, they might face legal challenges. A spokesperson of eSafety Watchdog of Australia said, that after such a long timeframe and extensions, they are planning to take action against Elon Musk.

Meanwhile, since the takeover of X, formerly Twitter with a $44 billion deal, Elon Musk is constantly making changes in the inside team, as well as the platform with new features. He fired approximately 80% of the staff who were responsible for cleaning the platform by deleting child sexual abuse posts and meeting the guidelines of the Australian eSafety watchdog.  After the X’s massive layoff, the detection of child sexual abusive content reduced to 75% from the previous 90%, leading to notice and legal challenges.

Moreover, neither Elon Musk nor X officially commented anything regarding the issue.

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