“Gensler Didn’t Know What Hit Him”- Ripple CLO Slams SEC Chair

“Gensler Didn’t Know What Hit Him”- Ripple CLO Slams SEC Chair

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler has found himself under intense scrutiny after failing to answer simple questions by lawmakers in a high-stakes crypto showdown before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services Wednesday.

During the hearing, he faced a barrage of questions from lawmakers, but it was an exchange with Representative Ritchie Torres from the Bronx that has drawn significant attention.

At the heart of the matter was the term “investment contract,” a critical element in determining the SEC’s authority over the cryptocurrency space. Torres pressed Gensler on whether an investment contract necessitates an actual contract, leading to Gensler’s conspicuous struggle to provide clear and concise answers. His evasive responses during the hearing raised eyebrows and invited criticism.

Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer Weighs In

Commenting on the occurrence Stuart Alderoty, Chief Legal Officer at Ripple, blasted the SEC Chair for evading questions with an air of smugness and even made light of his wealth.

“For hours, Mr. Gensler smugly evaded question after question (even laughing about how rich he is) until Rep. Torres took him out with a command of the law and a touch of South Bronx Street sense. Gensler didn’t know what hit him until it was too late.” Said Alderoty.

Emmer’s Accusations

In the hearings, representative Tom Emmer also took Gensler to task during the hearing. He accused the SEC chair of launching an assault on the cryptocurrency industry and questioned Gensler’s impartiality as a regulator.

Emmer went on to express concerns about Gensler’s approach, stating, “Mr. Gensler, despite your years of rhetoric like today, I’m convinced you’re not an impartial regulator. Instead, it’s clear you’re working to consolidate your own power, even though it means crushing opportunities for everyday Americans and, frankly, the financial future of this country.”

Emmer further accused Gensler of favoring large financial institutions at the expense of innovation, competition, and the average American.

Gensler’s Stance on Regulatory Oversight

Notably, in his address to the House Financial Services, Gensler firmly asserted that there are no aspects of the crypto asset securities markets that should exempt investors and issuers from the protective umbrella of securities laws. Gensler also reiterated his dedication to ensuring the welfare of American investors, once again stating that “this is a field rife with fraud and manipulation and I’m looking out for American investors who’ve been hurt fraudsters and scammers”

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