LINK Records a 4-Week High, Is a Reversal Lurking?

LINK Records a 4-Week High, Is a Reversal Lurking?

Chainlink (LINK) has notably captured the market’s attention, displaying resilient performance despite the recent crypto market turmoil. The LINK token has witnessed a surge of over 10% in the past week, breaching the $7.00 barrier, a move complemented by an increased market cap of $4 billion. This robust uptrend is potentially setting the stage for LINK to eclipse the monthly high of $7.13 mark, which would signify a complete recovery from its mid-August losses.

LINK’s On-Chain Activity Records 2 Months High

Moreover, Chainlink’s on-chain activity has reached a two-month high, with data provider Santiment highlighting the platform’s resilience amidst broader market conditions. The notable rise in unique addresses engaging with the LINK network, totaling 3,964, underscores an enhancing network engagement and is a testament to Chainlink’s escalating traction in the market.

Besides, the decrease of over 5 million LINK in exchange wallets over the past week indicates diminishing selling pressure, pointing to a primarily bullish market sentiment. This step, coupled with substantial investors’ increased accumulation of LINK tokens, accentuates the positive market outlook for Chainlink.

Additionally, Chainlink’s integration with Ethereum’s layer-2 scaling protocol, Arbitrum, marks a pivotal development. The union aims to streamline the creation of decentralized applications that can operate seamlessly across diverse blockchains. 

The launch of the Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) on Arbitrum One’s mainnet is a milestone that promises to unlock varied applications, from token transfers between blockchains to innovative blockchain game developments.

Bullish Momentum Reigns

However, for LINK to sustain its current rally, establishing support at the $7.4 level is imperative. Failing to maintain the momentum could see LINK retract to the $6.0 level, a significant support zone, marking the convergence point of three exponential averages.

Significantly, LINK’s trading volume reaching $171.50 million in the past 24 hours illustrates a sustained interest and buying pressure in the crypto community. However, the token is still grappling with an 8.10% decline over the last six months, necessitating investor caution at its current valuation.

LINK/USD chart (TradingView)

Consequently, technical indicators are central to LINK’s forward trajectory. The impending golden cross formation, where the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving average, is considered a potential bullish catalyst. This move, aligned with LINK breaking out of the descending triangle pattern, could be pivotal for a sustained upward movement if validated by consistent buying volume.

The recent developments and robust on-chain data present a promising landscape for LINK. However, the impending challenge lies in breaching and sustaining above the $7.13 resistance and maintaining above the crucial $6.00 support level to ensure the continuity of its uptrend.

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