Musk Calls DOJ’s Glass House Accusation ‘Next-Level Absurd”

Musk Calls DOJ’s Glass House Accusation ‘Next-Level Absurd”

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, is under increased scrutiny from federal agencies. Moreover, the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have amplified their probes into whether Tesla misused company funds for personal benefits to Musk. Central to this investigation is the rumored “Project 42,” an opulent glass house speculated for Musk near Tesla’s Austin, Texas headquarters.

Musk’s Allegations Surface

According to inside sources, federal prosecutors in Manhattan have broadened their inquiry into potential undisclosed personal perks received by Musk since 2017. Consequently, the alleged secret project, known among Tesla employees as “Project 42”, has taken center stage. Details depict a futuristic glass-walled home, possibly resembling “a structure from another galaxy,” as Musk once mentioned to biographer Walter Isaacson.

Additionally, concerns rose earlier this year when Tesla employees reported the company’s purchase of specialized glass using company resources. Moreover, board members took it upon themselves to examine Musk’s involvement in this potential extravagance and the allocation of company funds. 

Meanwhile, notable dismissals from Tesla’s management fueled the fires of suspicion. For instance, Omead Afshar, who headed the Giga Texas factory, faced allegations concerning peculiar orders of rare construction materials.

However, in light of the escalating allegations, Musk took a firm stance. On his social media platform, Musk asserted,

“This would be next-level absurd. I’m not building a house of any kind anywhere.”

Adding to the narrative’s complexity, Walter Isaacson, in his recent biography, indicates that Musk did consider constructing a glass tower but postponed the endeavor.

Concerns Around Self-driving Technology

Additionally, these unfolding investigations come when Tesla faces scrutiny on various fronts. Besides the DOJ, entities like the Securities and Exchange Commission, the California Attorney General, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are all examining the company, especially over self-driving safety concerns.

As the cloud of uncertainty hovers over Tesla and its leader, Elon, the billionaire who once claimed to live in a 375-square-foot modular home, maintains a clear stance against the accusations. Whether Musk’s envisioned glass structure materializes or remains a dream, federal investigations will ensure the truth emerges.

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