OpenAI’s Sam Altman Seeks Microsoft Funding For ChatGPT 5

OpenAI’s Sam Altman Seeks Microsoft Funding For ChatGPT 5

Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI-backed ChatGPT, aims to build a more sophisticated, superintelligent AI model, likely to be ChatGPT 5.  In addition, he revealed the plans to gain additional Microsoft funds to manage Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatGPT 5 development costs and training expenses.

According to reports, the timelines, accessibility, features, and functions of expected ChatGPT 5 are yet to be known. Sam Altman said, that the training of the AI model, and the capabilities is like a “guessing game” and can’t be revealed or predicted until we start. However, the OpenAI founder was sure that the new AI model would be a better version with additional features.

OpenAI is Working on Next Gen AI Model ChatGPT 5

After successfully launching ChatGPT 4, and a customized version for users, OpenAI startup is all set to plan further and started working on the next-generation AI Model, ChatGPT 5. Although the capabilities, features, and difference from the existing ChatGPT 4 is yet to be known, it is likely to be a better version, providing additional features to the new model.

Sam Altman said that, for ChatGPT 5, the data used to train will come from a combination of publicly available datasets on the web and proprietary data from companies.  The decision to sharpen the OpenAI-backed ChatGPT came at a time when the AI industry is evolving rapidly, with intensified competition from several other Chatbots, including Bard, Elon Musk’s Grok, and other new startup companies, aiming to secure a position in the Artificial Intelligence sector.

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OpenAI Seeks Additional Fundings For ChatGPT

Sam Altman is reportedly seeking additional financial backing from top investor Microsoft to build “superintelligent” tech tools, as smart as humans. Notably, if finalized, the new funding will be an addition to the already secured $10 billion “multiyear” agreement between Microsoft and OpenAI, earlier this year.

The partnership which started in 2019 with just $1 billion,  will plan further with OpenAI’s vision to make artificial general intelligence (AGI) safe and beneficial.

Notably, Altman’s want for additional funding for ChatGPT came after the recent talks of Google’s funding to Character.AI, a startup of former Google employees.

It was recently reported that Alphabet’s Google is in talks with two former employees of AI startup Character.AI, regarding funding,  to boost the updation work. It is to be noted, that Google is already in partnership with Character.AI, which uses Google’s cloud services and Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) for model training. The new investment talks will strengthen the partnership, making it a tough competition for other AI startups in this revolutionized industry.

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