Polygon Co-Founder Steps Aside, Committed ‘From the Sidelines’

Polygon Co-Founder Steps Aside, Committed ‘From the Sidelines’

After spearheading Polygon’s transformative journey for six years, co-founder Jaynti Kanani recently announced his pivot from daily operations. But his dedication to Polygon remains unchanged, as he aims to contribute “from the sidelines,” charting fresh paths for himself.

The blockchain initiative christened initially as the Matic network in 2017, owes its inception to brilliant minds, including Sandeep Nailwal, Anurag Arjun, and Mihailo Bjelic. Nailwal’s heartfelt response to Kanani’s decision underscores the depth of their shared journey.

Additionally, while Polygon’s website boasts ten co-founders, many continue to spearhead various platform-centric projects. Arjun’s recent exit, for instance, led to the birth of Avail, a groundbreaking blockchain data availability protocol.

Pushing Boundaries with Polygon 2.0

Since June, Polygon Labs has embraced proposals, setting the stage for “Polygon 2.0”. This revamped ecosystem will incorporate zero-knowledge proofs and feature four primary protocol layers emphasizing staking, interop, execution, and proving.

Moreover, Polygon’s $1 billion investment in zero-knowledge technology exemplifies its unwavering commitment to supercharging Ethereum’s layer-2 solutions. Sandeep Nailwal, speaking at the Token2049 conference, elaborated on “Polygon 2.0” and the transformative potential of recursive ZK-proof technology in shaping a fluid, interoperable blockchain realm.

Web2 Versus Web3

Nailwal, drawing parallels between Web2 and Web3, highlighted the latter’s potential as the “internet of value.” He spotlighted the necessity for an interoperable layer to achieve seamless value integration, fostering comprehensive ZK-proof amalgamation across diverse chains. 

This strategy, he believes, will redefine cross-chain transaction dynamics, amalgamating them into a unified block space experience. With stalwarts like Kanani transitioning, Polygon’s commitment to innovation remains undeterred. The platform’s trajectory seems luminous, reflecting its intent to enhance the Ethereum ecosystem and foster a harmonized blockchain universe.

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