Presidential Candidate Robert. F Kennedy to Run as Independent

Presidential Candidate Robert. F Kennedy to Run as Independent

The pro-Bitcoin US Presidential aspirant, Robert F. Kennedy Jr has dissociated himself from the Democratic Party with which he launched his campaign. 

Robert F Kennedy Embraces Independence

As reported by Bloomberg, Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) is now set to run for the highest office in the country as an Independent as he has denounced affiliations to all other political parties. 

The declaration which came at an event in Philadelphia is a historic one as Robert Kennedy comes from a family with very deep roots in the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

“I’ve come here today to declare our independence from the tyranny of corruption, which robs us of affordable lives, our belief in the future, and our respect for each other,” Kennedy told supporters, adding;

“But to do that, I must first declare my own independence — independence from the Democratic Party and from all other political parties. I haven’t made this decision lightly. It’s very painful for me to let go as a party of my uncles, my father, my grandfather and both of my great grandfathers.”

As a pro-Bitcoin candidate, many industry leaders have been resonating with the Presidential ambitions of RFK. While the switch to run as an Independent has aligned with the ethos of freedom that is associated with Bitcoin and as such, pushed him more as a true backer of the digital currency.

Over time, RFK has claimed in strong terms that Bitcoin is an asset that can guarantee Civil Liberty. While this is one of the radical claims that is attributable to him, He has teased a number of daring reforms should he win the bid to Preside over the White House.

Are the Odds Slimmer?

A number of analysts have posited that the odds of Robert F. Kennedy running and winning the Presidential election is low. While the two major contestants in the race, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are formidable opponents, the lack of a party can strain RFK’s attempt to get his name on the ballot next year.

With Mayor Francis Suarez already dropped out of the race, whether getting a pro-Bitcoin president and a House Speaker remains is feasible remains one crucial question many Americans are waiting to get an answer to.

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