Shiba Inu Whale Moves Massive Holdings; Is Shiba Inu Founder Behind This?

Shiba Inu Whale Moves Massive Holdings; Is Shiba Inu Founder Behind This?

A major Shiba Inu (SHIB) whale marked as address 0x1406, has embarked on a strategy to divide their massive holdings into smaller, less conspicuous wallets. This has raised suspicions within the crypto community with some speculating that it may be an attempt to evade scrutiny.

Is Shiba Inu Founder Behind this?

The revelations were brought to light by Bubble Maps, a cryptocurrency data analysis firm, unveiled these findings in a series of tweets on Thursday. The firm further asserted that these wallets were associated with the owner of SHIB, casting doubt on the identities of Ryoshi and Shytoshi Kusama, the anonymous original founders of Shiba Inu.

“The anonymous founder of SHIB is trying to hide from you AGAIN! The idea? Spread one large wallet into several smaller ones, making it harder to follow” tweeted Bubble Maps.

The history of this said SHIB whale’s holdings goes back to 2020 when the marked wallet acquired 100 trillion SHIB tokens shortly after the token’s launch. These holdings were later distributed across 13 wallets, a move that would have significant implications for tracking and monitoring. Interestingly, in early 2020, this group of wallets controlled 10% of the total SHIB supply, amounting to over $1 billion.

Unusual Inactivity

In 2021, as SHIB’s market cap soared to $40 billion, the whale, holding $5 billion in one wallet, divided their SHIB holdings by sending 60 trillion to six wallets, 30 trillion to another six, and retained 10 trillion in the original wallet. According to Bubble Maps, these transactions were executed with a clear intent, although the exact purpose remained undisclosed.

Furthermore, since the formation of these wallet clusters, they remained inactive, with no purchases, sales, or transfers, a fact that Bubble Maps found intriguing.

After their initial revelation, Bubble Maps received an anonymous message from an individual claiming to be the owner of SHIB, urging the removal of their thread. The sender expressed concerns that the thread offered a “perfect blueprint” for potential attacks, underscoring the privacy and security issues confronting major crypto holders.

Notably, recent developments also saw wallets, 0x1406 and 0xc1ca-another wallet associated with SHIB’s alleged owner slowly being emptied by transferring SHIB tokens to 20 brand new wallets.

“By draining those 2 wallets, the founder is aiming to make his cluster vanish completely. Look what happens when they are removed from the bubble map!” Bubble Maps wrote.

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