Tellor (TRB) Falls Victim Of A Twitter Phishing Scam, Price Drops

Tellor (TRB) Falls Victim Of A Twitter Phishing Scam, Price Drops

A recent report from PeckShield Alert has raised concerns in the crypto community as Tellor’s Twitter account, @WeAreTellor, fell victim to a phishing scam. The attackers posed as Tellor and lured users with promises of a substantial TRB airdrop, only to lead them into a dangerous trap.

Meanwhile, the crypto scams and security breaches in the crypto space have been one of the major concerns for investors in recent days. The growing number of incidents has spooked several market enthusiasts about the potential threat to the digital asset space.

A Detailed Look Into Tellor’s Incident

On November 3, Tellor’s official Twitter account was compromised, and a deceptive tweet was posted, claiming that over $50,000 worth of TRB could still be claimed in their airdrop. Notably, the tweet included an alluring call to action, which reads “hurry before it’s too late. Claim your TRB.” In addition, to make matters worse, a link was provided for users eager to claim the tokens.

However, PeckShield Alert was quick to sound the alarm, warning users that the “Claim your TRB” message and the accompanying link were part of a phishing scam. The scammers behind this nefarious operation aimed to exploit unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the screenshot shared by PeckShield Alert revealed another chilling discovery. Aegis Web3 identified the site “” as a phishing site, posing a severe threat to users. Notably, these malicious sites often attempt to steal private keys, deceive users into providing token approvals, or lure them into purchasing scam tokens.

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Price Drops After The Incident

The Teller (TRB) crypto has witnessed significant declines following the news. However, the current downturn momentum in the broader cryptocurrency market might also have contributed to the losses of the crypto.

The Tellor price was down 6.08% to $105.27 during writing, and its trading volume jumped 64.24% to $74.57 million during writing. In contrast, the price of the crypto jumped nearly 107% over the past 30 days, indicating a growing interest of the investors towards the crypto.

However, the recent hacking incident serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present risks in the cryptocurrency space. While the technology behind cryptocurrencies and blockchain continues to evolve, the potential for scams and fraudulent activities remains a significant challenge. So, community members are encouraged to remain vigilant and exercise caution, especially when encountering enticing offers or airdrop announcements on social media platforms.

To protect themselves from phishing attacks, users should double-check the authenticity of any cryptocurrency-related communication. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or sharing private keys. Ensuring the source of information is legitimate and conducting due diligence can help prevent falling victim to scams. Staying informed and educating oneself on security practices are essential steps in safeguarding crypto assets.

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