Top Low Supply Crypto of 2023

Top Low Supply Crypto of 2023

The Pepe coin, named after the popular Internet meme Pepe the Frog, is a deflationary memecoin based on Ethereum. This digital asset aims to capitalize on the meme coin frenzy caused by well-known cryptocurrency market success stories such as Dogecoin. It pays homage to Matt Furie’s well-known meme character from the early 2000s. 

Despite receiving little attention at first, Pepe’s launch in April, 2023 saw a sharp increase in popularity. The price of Pepe coin is still rising, but many investors are unsure if it will eventually crash due to the unfounded hype surrounding it, as has happened to many other memecoins.  

What makes it worth investing?

PEPE, a meme coin, offers something different in the market by continuing the legacy of the controversial and well-known Pepe the Frog. The project stands out from other cryptocurrencies and gains more traction in the cryptocurrency community because of its commitment to paying tribute to this figure. Another distinctive feature of PEPE is the redistribution mechanism, which encourages users to keep the token for extended periods of time and rewards long-term stakers. 


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