Vitalik Buterin Coordinated Fraud Charges On Me

Vitalik Buterin Coordinated Fraud Charges On Me

Former Ethereum advisor Steven Nerayoff unveiled a fresh attack against Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin over the extortion charges he was previously alleged of. This follows XRP lawyer John Deaton’s massive revelation that he saw some of the receipts Nerayoff holds that show irregularities in the Ethereum initial coin offering (ICO) in 2014.

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Coordinated Attack By Vitalik Buterin and Dmitry Buterin

Elaborating about fraud allegations made by Vitalik in a video, Nerayoff claimed that the Ethereum founder and his father Dmitry Buterin were involved in a coordinated and scripted character assassination attack against him. In the video, Vitalik is heard accusing Nerayoff of committing a huge amount of fraud related to extortion of a company’s ICO.

“This is a Father/Son coordinated & scripted character assassination to make me their fall guy. Vitalik Buterin falsely accused me of committing a ‘huge amount of fraud’ – or was he just taking away attention from himself?”

Earlier, CoinGape reported revelations by Nerayoff and Deaton about having documents that show corrupt practices at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and also around the Ethereum ICO. He said the people at Ethereum Foundation were not telling the truth around the Nerayoff extortion story. Indicating that there are more revelations to come, the XRP attorney said, “The truth will come out and we are getting closer.”

Did Ethereum Foundation Abandon Employee After Arrest In North Korea?

In yet another shocking revelation, the former Ethereum advisor said Vitalik had abandoned Virgil Griffith, a senior researcher and developer at the Ethereum Foundation, after he was “Convicted of helping North Korea evade sanctions.” He also supported the allegation with a November 2019 article by Trust Nodes that said the Foundation has completely stayed away from the arrest of Griffith.

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