Xahau Sidechain Passes Security Audit in Big win for XRPL

Xahau Sidechain Passes Security Audit in Big win for XRPL

XRP Ledger’s Xahau Sidechain has completed its comprehensive audit of Xahaud, its codebase. The audit was conducted by FYEO, one of Xahau’s initial Governance Game Validator Seats and Security partners.

Xahau Sidechain: Audit Findings

The security review process of Xahaud spanned the better half of this month from October 01 – October 27. According to FYEO, the audit had three specific objectives including providing an assessment of the security exposure of Xahau Sidechain as well as its internal risks. 

The FYEO team also focused on providing professional opinions on the maturity and adequacy of the security measures in place while identifying issues and sharing improvement recommendations gleaned through the audit tests.

After the security audit process, FYEO said it discovered 1 security risk with a High severity rating. A total of 4 findings with Medium severity ratings were also discovered and 2 findings with Low severity ratings were also uncovered. Lastly, the audit process uncovered 7 findings with Informational severity rating associated.

FYEO highlighted the proactiveness of the team at XRPL Labs who sufficiently remediated all issues uncovered on the Xahau Sidechain codebase. Commenting on the audit, XRPL Labs noted that all aspects of Xahau Sidechain was explored by FYEO including but not limited to Hooks, the burn-to-mint feature, and governance game hooks among others.

This audit takes Xahau Sidechain closer to mainnet launch as crucial security concerns have now been allayed across the board.

XRPL vs Xahau: The Concerns

A few days ago, members of the XRP community called out Xahau Sidechain’s core developers. The contention is that should Xahau Sidechain, introduced in August by XRPL Labs go live, the developers will abandon the XRPL completely.

Debunking the claims, XRPL Labs founder @WietseWind said upon launch, the team will still contribute to XRPL underscoring the importance of the work and innovation that Xahau will usher into the broader XRP ecosystem.

Since the legal victory bagged by XRP and Ripple Labs against the US SEC, the conversations of how the XRPL will help bolster the adoption of the coin through the emergence of new DApps is growing. With Xahau Sidechain’s advancement, these positive ambitions may be achieved faster than envisaged.

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