Accessed Records On Alleged Ethereum ICO Scam

Accessed Records On Alleged Ethereum ICO Scam

John Deaton, the attorney who represents the over 70,000 XRP token holders in the Ripple Vs U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit, had kept the crypto community guessing about this announcement. However, there were hints that the announcement involved Steven Nerayoff, who was an early adviser in the Ethereum network project. The attorney revealed that a major part of the announcement was about Nerayoff, describing him as the most talked about person within the XRP community currently.

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Who Is Steven Nerayoff?

In May 2023, a New York judge dismissed criminal extortion charges against the Ethereum early advisor. He was accused of extorting a crypto startup that he was consulted to assist in an ICO process. However, the federal prosecutors had admitted that they were unable to prove the charges in the indictment beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Big Announcement: We’re Getting Closer

In a massive revelation, Deaton claimed that he had personally seen some of the receipts that Nerayoff claims to have, in relation to the allegations he made on the Ethereum ICO, although the attorney did not exclusively name the crypto project due to attorney client privilege. He concluded based on the records he saw that the insiders of the Ethereum ICO were not telling the truth.

“I have seen some of the receipts Nerayoff claims to have. I understand that he was targeted by some people at a cryptocurrency project (ETH) and I understand why he feels that. I can conclude that people who distanced from Nerayoff are not telling the truth.”

In the recent days, Nerayoff had been making allegations about the irregularities involved in the Ethereum initial coin offering (ICO) and the corrupt practices at the US SEC. In a tweet dated September 17, 2023, Nerayoff revealed about someone at Etheruem hiding the real number of ETH ICO buyers. “Whales could disguise their large positions during the ICO,” he revealed. More importantly, he admitted to having some documental proofs about the same.

“I might have the doc versions by the author of the TOS amongst countless documents, recordings, etc. all stored in a number of locations.”

“We are getting closer”

Deaton said he was not able to reveal many other details due to legal restrictions but concluded saying that as a community, “We’re getting closer” in the fight against regulators.

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