XRP Holder’s Lawyer Reveals His 3 Big Announcements

XRP Holder’s Lawyer Reveals His 3 Big Announcements

XRP holder’s lawyer John Deaton has finally broken the silence on the purportedly ‘big announcement’ that has made the members of the crypto market hold their breath almost all week long.

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

According to John Deaton, the most controversial subject in the digital currency ecosystem at this time is the enforcement crackdown carried out by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on industry pioneer and advisor, Steven Nerayoff. 

His first announcement to his more than 296.8k followers is that he will bring Nerayoff to CryptoLaw to uncover the very truth about his indictment, coercion by the regulator and why the case was finally dropped despite a damning indictment at the time.

Having given hints on what to expect ahead of the live show that he concluded a few minutes ago, John Deaton noted that his announcement will also be centered around the XRPL. In letting the cat out of the bag, Deaton said he is joining Spend the Bits, a payment protocol built atop the XRP Ledger as both an investor and its Chief Legal Officer.

The industry advocate noted that he believed in the visions of the protocol and in the work of the founder, Jay who he noted can help fulfill the dreams of Satoshi Nakamoto in our world today.

The last announcement centered on the comprehensive memoir he has been working on since March 2020, right before the whole Ripple Labs Inc legal brawl with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) came into effect. 

Per his hint, the book will cover basically the most critical subjects in the dynamic world of today including race and abuse and he urged netizens to watch out for the masterpiece.

Accolades for the XRP Holder’s Lawyer

Besides his role in the XRP lawsuit in representing as many as 75,000 holders of the digital currency with payment, John Deaton has received a great deal of accolades across the board for providing insightful analysis, standing up to regulators and fighting for the emancipation of the broader digital currency ecosystem.

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